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Montag, 23. Mai 2011

why boys should play violin...

Let's face it. We all have our obsessions. Some people more than others. Some people weirder than others and some people even in an exentric way.

I would centralise my specific obsession, a thing I can't and don't wanne live without, as beauty.
May sound a little clishé, but it's true.
I love beautiful music, beautiful art, beautiful little things and definitly beautiful boys.

I see them even more often the past weeks. It's like they slept all winter and come out to play in the warm summerair. They are kind of "Sunchilds". These stunning boys. A little indie-style, a little lost in dreams or thoughts and probably able to play guitar or other things and enunciate the name of a band (or an author) with an enthusiasm that shows you it means more than anything to them.

I'm pretty sure these boys can fly from time to time and may it just be in disguise.

photography by corinna kern and nicholas haggard 


  1. I could not be more understanding if I tried. I swear we must know each other somehow!xxx