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"...stay young and invincible..."

Montag, 30. Mai 2011

like the white rabbit

"No time, no time, no time..."

Sometimes I wish time would lie on the streets and all you need to do to find some more would be looking for it and take it. Take some more minutes, hours, moments.
Finding time since it's NOT been found on the street is way more difficult.

Didn't even had a few minutes to discover great new music in the past week.

Could you send me some ideas for brilliant artists and songs, please?

Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

nostalgic feeling of a "Gottestierchen"...

"Last night, I had a dream

We were inseparably entwined

Like a piece of rope made out of two pieces of vine

Held together, holding each other

With no one else in mind

Like two atoms in a molecule

Inseparably combined"

"Two Atoms In A Molecule" - Noah And The Whale

It's always weird how the tiniest things, songlines and events remind us of times that are passed away already.
How this little things hit us unexpected and unprepared and give us a short heartache.
Just for a moment, but it's there.
Sometimes I wish I could timetravel in my mind and go back to this passed times. Play them over and over again in my head. Enjoy them even more till I'm bored or till I realize that these times weren't as great as they appear to be.

Someone once told me: "Everything is going to be allright in the end and if it's not allright yet, it isn't the end."

Till everything is allright I have my little loved Diana Lomography Camera and other great things to capture moments to remember.

photography Corinne Kern.

Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2011

They call me Sugarfairy

It could be wishdust, stardust or just white colour, that I had all over me today.
I felt a little bit more human and a little less magical after taking a shower.

We spent the whole day organizing and painting a big hall, that is going to be the venue of a photography exhibition, a group of my university is presenting.

So while painting and arranging everything, I found myself covered with little white paint dots at the end of the day and the thought in mind how important silence can be from time to time.
We usually don't realize how sound surrounds us everyday and as I walked down to the beach recently, spending some sparetime with my heartbeat, the waves and me, I was glad to have no music, no people and nothing distracting around.
Just the sea.

Weren't it the Tremeloes that sang: Silence is golden.

photography: Kirsten Otto and me

Montag, 23. Mai 2011

why boys should play violin...

Let's face it. We all have our obsessions. Some people more than others. Some people weirder than others and some people even in an exentric way.

I would centralise my specific obsession, a thing I can't and don't wanne live without, as beauty.
May sound a little clishé, but it's true.
I love beautiful music, beautiful art, beautiful little things and definitly beautiful boys.

I see them even more often the past weeks. It's like they slept all winter and come out to play in the warm summerair. They are kind of "Sunchilds". These stunning boys. A little indie-style, a little lost in dreams or thoughts and probably able to play guitar or other things and enunciate the name of a band (or an author) with an enthusiasm that shows you it means more than anything to them.

I'm pretty sure these boys can fly from time to time and may it just be in disguise.

photography by corinna kern and nicholas haggard 

Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

"kunterbunter" dust fills my atmosphere

So I have been a little moonily the last weeks. Caused by some unexpected events and a few remarkable stories.
I lost my memory for a while as I fell off my bike, wrote a lullaby, danced in a field of blowballs, found some hours I almost had forgotten about. Fell in love and out of it again.

Did you ever find yourself in moments where you couldn't find a song, a record or a band that fitted your mood in this specific time? Even though I discovered and re-discovered a lot of great music the past weeks nothing seems to suit me and my mind right.
Days are filled with sun and sweets, nights are sleepless and everything is a wunderful chaotic mess again.
Maybe that is what life has to be from time to time and all we can do is sweep and clean up a little.
Bring everything in order, just to find it messed up again as soon as we are finished.
A beautiful friend of mine once told me, she sometimes wishes that her heart would be an automatic teller. Like a printer or something. Push a button and you recieve a print out like:

in love with this boy 60%
confused about different things 20%
happiness 15%
sad thoughts 5%

ergo Band you should listen to: Noah and the Whale (first record)
Saturday looks good to me

But a heart doesn't work that way and so we have to figure out on our own how confused we are or how much in love and if we are in love at all or if we just want to be really bad and what record fits our changing moods best and helps to clear this all in a tumble atmosphere. 

photography by ryan mcginley and me