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Dienstag, 28. Juni 2011

...the remains of a festival

So the first episode of festivals ended for me while the next one started in Great Britian. Glastonbury!

What remains in my head is a little headache from having seen too much and drunken too less. My skin is teint by now and my mind is filled with music and pleasant anticipation for the upcoming event.
My all time favourite festival. Just characterised as beautiful.

It's one of the finest and best indie-events of the year. The people are amazing and sweet, the acts are brilliant everytime and to top all this, there is a lake just a stone's throw away to swim and cool down a little when the sun is shining high and hot.

The Haldern-Pop-People are famous for their weird and lovely little ideas. This year it's about short stories, love, photography and a sparkling mind.

I fall in love with beautiful boys for a few minutes every seven footsteps, cause it seems that every indie-guy around is walking on the grass there, enjoying bands like Isbells, Fleet Foxes, Alexi Murdoch and the Wombats. I can't wait to blow bubbles there and wear pearls in my hair or just lie on the ground on a blanket surrounded by my dearest friends, listening to the tones and chords that are floating over from the stage.

I can't wait to collect smiles and quotes.

I can't wait to get the first Interview-confirmation-Mails and build a radio special around all the things, that bands told me.


Maybe I'm too excited, but it's worth it.

photography by Zora Beer

Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2011

rubber boots on rainy days

It's raining all day and I'm pretty sure that the world is drowning outside while im inside listening to the Eels' "Daisies of the Galaxy"
daydreaming of sunier days and being a little excited for the upcoming ones.
Gonna spend the next weeks on Festivals in Austria and Germany interviewing Bands - some of them more legends than musicians - taking pictures and naps on the green while someone is playing on stage i don't need to see live.
The first Festival is NovaRock.

Top 5 Things you need to pack for Festivalseason.

1. Rubber Boots - to enjoy even rain and feel like a little child while jumping and running through puddles.

2. Sweets and bubbles - to make time pass quicker while waiting in front of or backstage.

3. Vintage sunglasses - to cause a summer mood.

4. Any camera - to save some amazing moments.

5. Music - to be prepared.   

I can't wait.

photography: not even maybe by Chronotype