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"...stay young and invincible..."

Mittwoch, 31. März 2010

stranger things have happened today

this pictures doesn’t seem to belong to the world of you or me. They make me think of Peter Pan, and start do daydream, fantasise. This pictures are mirages, telling stories conjured directly from an imagination that most of us left behind in childhood.

I'm thinking of following the white rabbit these days into a world where elephants are painted blue, horses are dusted lilac, paintings come to life and pretty girls with Thirties faces are transformed into marionettes or abandoned princesses.

Donnerstag, 4. März 2010

maybe green, sometimes blue

photos: Corinna Kern
dress: traffic people

everythings new in april

"The sun is slowly coming out from behind the clouds, which consequently makes me feel like a monkey re-born! seems to come to bloom when the sun comes out, so i'm friggin EXCITED"

Friend of mine told me today and she's right. This Song is what you schould defenitely listen to in this "summer is coming up" time.

Drove to cologne today, listening to the (amazing) leisure society, smiling besides the sun, enjoying the light. Can't wait for strawberrytime.

Dienstag, 2. März 2010

sweets and music

I was invited by one of my favourite friends. Isabelle formally known as Bohemian Musings. We went to that cool indie fashion party in hamburg by a label named Monki. I fell in love with their stuff immediately. All funky and coloured with sweet designs. Sweet is the keyword here. They had lolliepos and chewing gum and these great pink wine called "rosamunde".
The guests were almost this hip young indie fashioned people. All beautiful and stylish but to cool to dance. So Isabelle and me ended up dancing with ourselves and "rosamunde".
We stole five of these wonderful flying balloons with confetti afterwards.
Yeah it was pink. A little.

Sondre Lerche

I found this young guy on a soundtrack.
He created almostthe whole soundtrack of "Dan in real life". He's from norway like the Kings of convenience. I imagined them sitting together in a blockhouse waiting for the melting snow and playing guitar all the time. Creating all ´these little melodys you can't help yourself you have to hum along.

His latest release is "Heartbet radio". It's a lovley thing.
He is as well.
as you can see


...the summer's arriving in Germany and I find me a little quiet time to write some post and ad this great blue van pictures I took before one of their gigs in Germany.
I also interviewed them for the radio station. Great guys. we were sitting there talking about music and their new album "man up" while eating sweets. They were kind of wasted from the day before and seem to love german drinks and bretzel.

before the gig
and afterwards