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Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

"kunterbunter" dust fills my atmosphere

So I have been a little moonily the last weeks. Caused by some unexpected events and a few remarkable stories.
I lost my memory for a while as I fell off my bike, wrote a lullaby, danced in a field of blowballs, found some hours I almost had forgotten about. Fell in love and out of it again.

Did you ever find yourself in moments where you couldn't find a song, a record or a band that fitted your mood in this specific time? Even though I discovered and re-discovered a lot of great music the past weeks nothing seems to suit me and my mind right.
Days are filled with sun and sweets, nights are sleepless and everything is a wunderful chaotic mess again.
Maybe that is what life has to be from time to time and all we can do is sweep and clean up a little.
Bring everything in order, just to find it messed up again as soon as we are finished.
A beautiful friend of mine once told me, she sometimes wishes that her heart would be an automatic teller. Like a printer or something. Push a button and you recieve a print out like:

in love with this boy 60%
confused about different things 20%
happiness 15%
sad thoughts 5%

ergo Band you should listen to: Noah and the Whale (first record)
Saturday looks good to me

But a heart doesn't work that way and so we have to figure out on our own how confused we are or how much in love and if we are in love at all or if we just want to be really bad and what record fits our changing moods best and helps to clear this all in a tumble atmosphere. 

photography by ryan mcginley and me

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