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"...stay young and invincible..."

Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

"we dreamed together"

Some days just seem to be too perfect to belong to reality.
Like the ones where you forget that there is another world outside.
That there is another universe at all beside the one little universe you call your own.

Spent some time with a love, ordering all desserts on the menu and then we walked over sand to get to Belgium where we sat rapped in blankets under the open sky enjoying movies.

There should be more days like this. Especially in the summer.
Some times i would like to know what comes next to be prepared a little more, but that wouldn't be half as exciting as life should be,
wouldn't it?

pfotography by colton witt, andre wolf and me

Freitag, 22. Juli 2011


"Be wicked, be brave, be drunk, be beautiful ..."

I always wanted to be a mermaid

photography by  fabian unternährer

Mittwoch, 20. Juli 2011

all these cups of tea...


we had in the winter sitting by the heater, reading a book while listening to Grizzly Bear or other indie-gods
did change to ice-cold lemonade with weird exotic and funny flavours.
The authors of the books changed as well.
So I traded Tolstoi and Dostojewski for Michel de Montaigne and Muriel Barbery lately.
Russian authors are not meant to be read in the sun. Sun is reserved for french literature and daydreams of far away cities where boys with beautiful collarbones walk along the sidewalks and fireworks mark the end of a day and the start of a new night.

What is it with animal-metaphors in all the indie-folk-bandnames?

Toy Horses
Grizzly Bear
Fleet Foxes
Timid Tiger
Frightened Rabbit

Are animal and nature related bandnames the new "THE" ?

photography by nicholas haggard

Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

...fight, flee or freeze

Sometimes I'd like to freeze when a complicated situation comes up.
Most of the time I pick fleeing.
Running away seems to be my favourite instinct.
It seems to be the favourite instinct of more than half the worldcivilisation.
The rest picks fight.

So I decided this morning to add a fourth option to get out of a dangerous or complicated situation.

Freitag, 1. Juli 2011

...the real new is what's not becoming old, despite time passing.

How come that they are and always will be great and amazing?

I seriously wish I could jump a timemachine and go back to see one of their first concerts in liverpool at 
"the Cavern".

Everytime the world brings me down the Beatles get me of the ground. The Beatles and something Oscar Wilde said:

"In the end everything is going to be allright. And if it's not allright yet, it isn't the end."