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Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

nostalgic feeling of a "Gottestierchen"...

"Last night, I had a dream

We were inseparably entwined

Like a piece of rope made out of two pieces of vine

Held together, holding each other

With no one else in mind

Like two atoms in a molecule

Inseparably combined"

"Two Atoms In A Molecule" - Noah And The Whale

It's always weird how the tiniest things, songlines and events remind us of times that are passed away already.
How this little things hit us unexpected and unprepared and give us a short heartache.
Just for a moment, but it's there.
Sometimes I wish I could timetravel in my mind and go back to this passed times. Play them over and over again in my head. Enjoy them even more till I'm bored or till I realize that these times weren't as great as they appear to be.

Someone once told me: "Everything is going to be allright in the end and if it's not allright yet, it isn't the end."

Till everything is allright I have my little loved Diana Lomography Camera and other great things to capture moments to remember.

photography Corinne Kern.

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