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Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2011

They call me Sugarfairy

It could be wishdust, stardust or just white colour, that I had all over me today.
I felt a little bit more human and a little less magical after taking a shower.

We spent the whole day organizing and painting a big hall, that is going to be the venue of a photography exhibition, a group of my university is presenting.

So while painting and arranging everything, I found myself covered with little white paint dots at the end of the day and the thought in mind how important silence can be from time to time.
We usually don't realize how sound surrounds us everyday and as I walked down to the beach recently, spending some sparetime with my heartbeat, the waves and me, I was glad to have no music, no people and nothing distracting around.
Just the sea.

Weren't it the Tremeloes that sang: Silence is golden.

photography: Kirsten Otto and me

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