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Freitag, 27. Mai 2016

the magic we see(k)

It's a known fact of physics, that energy never disappears. It does change it's form, varies it's function, alters and transits, but energy never vanishes into thin air or dissolves into nothing. The concept of Karma reflects this physical law very specifically. Every emotion, every deed, every thought you send out to the world and the universe itself, will find it's way back to you. 
Somehow, someday.
Karma means, that you get, what you give. The basic principle of cause and effect, action and reaction.
At first this idea may sound more logical than magical, but if you really think about it, Karma is the origin of any kind of magic. If you believe in magic, you create magic yourself, if you don't, seeking it will be pointless and an endless one way-road. You need to believe in magic before you can find it, see it, experience it. Then and only then you will not just have created magic, you will be able to see it in everything and everyone, because magic is here. It surrounds us like oxygen, it inhabits every cell and fiber of every being. Magic can be found in every tiny grain of this universe. It is in all the stories we tell to pass the time and in every single moment we experience. It helps us, guides our every movement and even fixes the tiny often unnoticed fractures this world inflicts on our hearts. 

photography by hiroko and me.

Freitag, 1. Januar 2016

be good

The night was full of haze and noises. 
Bright lights mixed with sparkling dots and quick fainting colors. Blue, red and yellow assorted in a grey mist. 
We walked home, accompanied by an aura of peculiar excitement, which was inhabited by a sense of nostalgia and this special sadness only time can cure.
It was time we found; 
Not on the street or in the promises of a new year.
 We found time for childhood-memories and almost forgotten hope, as we watched E.T. .

There is something timeless about it's aesthetics. 
Something beautiful that pours right into your heart, and makes you realize, how many thoughts and memories you left behind. Thoughts and memories not destroyed by time, but slightly covered by it's invisible dust.
You tend to forget those things while growing up, while watching too many films, reading too many random stories and being distracted by life itself.

How beautiful is the thought of being this connected to a friend, that you feel all their love, pain and even hunger, thirst and desire for knowledge. 
That there is literally a physical and psychic connection between the two of you.
These kind of connections do exist, binding us together like most fragile, invisible heartstrings.
They might not be as strong as illustrated in the film, but they are present and you can feel them every time you stand still; still in one moment and lean in very carefully.