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Freitag, 15. April 2011

I always wanted to be a treasure seeker

There is one thing about records and listening to these little pieces of art that always fascinated me.
Some impress you with the first note and you listen to them for a week, for a month maybe, but then you are done with them. At least for the moment or the next two years.
These kind of records hold some favourite tracks for a while, but not forever.
Maybe most records inhabits this effect.
And then there are some that you listen to and you feel uncertain whether you like them or not.
So you listen to them over and over again and you discover with every new play a new layer that you didn't notice before.
These kind of records surely become your favourites even if it takes a while.
There is a third kind left. Records you listen to and you like kind of. A sweet sound experience. Nothing more, nothing less.
A couple of weeks, month or years pass and you rediscover them, you start to listen to them again and you utterly fall in love with their sound.
You know and liked the songs already, but in some way your taste must have changed and now you adore them.
Recently happend with me and the Stone Roses. I always knew they were brilliant, but i never noticed in what amount exactly.

How many undiscovered treasures may be left in my recordcollection?

photography by Corinna Kern and Cara Stricker.

Mittwoch, 13. April 2011 puis je fume

Edith Piaf sang
"Je ne veux pas travailler
Je ne veux pas déjeuner
Je veux seulement oublier
Et puis je fume"

I knew this lyrics long time before I was even able to understand them. 
There are a lot of lyrics, melodys and songs out in space that describe a broken heart. Probably the most songs are about this issue. Maybe because pain is more expressiv than happiness or easier to write about.
Maybe human beings are very susceptible for all kind of influences in this state or
maybe the cliché that artist need to suffer to be creative is true and the amazing guys of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are right as they sing
"we are all brokenhearted".

I still wonder what it needs to heal a broken heart.
An instructions manual would be nice.
Like take a week for drowning in pain, eat  ten apples, drink two bottles of vodka and cherry juice, listen to sad songs for a month, go on a journey for three weeks, kiss twenty pretty people and learn something new, beside all this smoke a lot or stop smoking, if you are a smoker already and in the end you are fixed.

One thing is definitly sure: A broken heart writes good songs.

Still I prefer traveling and what Marilyn Monroe said.

photography by Corinna Kern and Tim Walker.

Sonntag, 10. April 2011

Five Minute Loves

Some girl once told me, that everytime she starts dating somebody she starts to imagine and fantasize about this boy immediately. How they could be together or how their future looks like. Their days and years and where they would spend the holidays.  
All I thought was that I start doing the same thing as soon as I see a pretty boy on the street.
Most of the time the picture of the pretty boy and me is gone as soon as he dissapears from my sight.
I call these little daydreams "Five Minute Loves".

It's summer soon and isn't this time the best for daydreams and romances?
Keep in mind that
"to fantasize" and "to romance" are synonyms.

photography by mads teglers