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Freitag, 9. September 2011

late summer pearls and early autumn leaves

Time is running way too fast as usual and I'm lost between half packed boxes with summer dresses, winter coats, bonboncoloured shoes and books.
Moving to Paris tomorrow.

Do I have an appartement yet? - No.
Do I speak french very well? - No.
Do I have a plan at all? - No.

And nevertheless I'm excited as little children facing the first snow.

There will be adventures, bubbles, beautiful sights and boys, la musique et une fille prodigue.
Streetmusic, pique-niques sur la Seine et douceurs.

It will be wonderful so why am I still scared.

photography by louis dahl-wolfe.


  1. Is everything in your life always full of bubbles, boys, beauty and sparkling?! Gosh, lucky you. In mine everything is most of all just grey...

  2. Oh dear, i felt the same at the beginning of this year, but it will vanish. It's vanishing already.
    Theres a line in a song, I've heard a while ago:
    "Heard there isn't any way out, just one through to go (...) better walk straight..."