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"...stay young and invincible..."

Mittwoch, 28. September 2011

...dancing in the street

... is a little trashy song by David Bowie and Mick Jagger.
The kind of trashiness invented by David Bowie and he is probably the only human being in this universe, that looks good while holding and keeping it.

It's a weird and strange late summer. Still inhabiting some magic and august sunshine.
 I blew the last dandelion lately, wishing something almost impossible and I catch myself whispering a farewell to every butterfly that crosses my way while wondering where this year has been and why time is always passing way too quick, when you don't want it to pass at all.
Just to stand still in other moments.

All we can do is play music and dance in the streets of Paris or wherever in the world as long as this late summer-early autumn season lasts


photography by isabelle küster and jason nocito and me
related bands mad noise and not even maybe


  1. I haven't seen a single butterfly since august actually...

  2. always so beautiful, hope you're living the dream in paris x

  3. Adorable blog! Let's network.


  4. wunderschönes lied.aber mir etwas zu ruhig (vielleicht liegt es gerade an meiner stimmung).
    trotzdem schön anzuhören als abendmusik.