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Mittwoch, 30. März 2011

Darwin Deez (or dancing in the first rain of summer)

 Life feels surreal these days and i wait to wake up every moment. Wake up from this weird dream that my life seem to have been the past months. Wait to wake up in november or some other month last year.
Last year when I dicovered this sweet and amazing album by  

It's one of this rare records that make you happy with the first chord, that make you wanne dance immediately and fall in love with.
This guy managed it to put even heartbreaking lyrics into a candy cotton sound. 
The only thing that makes more fun than just listening to the music is the experience of Darwin Deez and his band on stage. When they put away there instruments from time to time to celebrate an adorable dancechoreography to elektro-remixes.
 So i had to jump on a train and see them in cologne spreading the joy and it was my cherry in the cocktail as i got the chance for an interview with Mr. Darwin Deez for the radioshow "popcrawl" on

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