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Montag, 6. August 2012

If you wanne create something beautiful, ...

... you gonna make a mess out of it first.
I learned that a long time ago and recently someone I interviewed refered to it as an act of creativity.
I think it was "Breton" singer Roman Rappak.

So all beauty comes from chaos and let's face it, our lives - at least sometimes - are chaos and we are all a mess from time to time. Some may say that this chaos prevents us from realizing the beauty around us, but I think chaos is beauty really. 
Even if we seem to get lost in this chaotic world more than anything and even if we feel like drowning in the things we have to do to get our lives in order and back on track again. 
It's this wonderful chaos that keeps us going and alive.
It's this wonderful chaos that creates adventures, stories and everything beyond.

you can read the interview here
photographs by david dang, someone unknown  and me.
model was the marvelous isabelle.

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