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Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2012

peter pan generation

Peter Pan was my first love, my second love were the Beatles and with the Beatles came the music as my one true love.
I fall in love with songs a lot. Sometimes just for moments. Sometimes forever.
If you define love as something that makes you ridiculously happy when it's there and unbelievable sad, when it's absent.
Music will probably stay my only love, cause boys start to bother me after a while even if they are as beautiful as a summer morning.  

Or maybe I just have to wait for Peter Pan himself.

photography piccsy and me. model: Isabelle


  1. you're a great photographer!

    i LOVE your blog header it is just brilliant

    xo katrina

  2. Have you heard the Kula Shaker's song "Peter Pan R.I.P" ? I love it.