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Dienstag, 23. August 2011

like a flock of butterflies - haldern-pop

Music surrounded us and covered us at the very same moment.
We danced in the rain and walked through mud and grey puddles, just to sit in the sun a few minutes later.
The weather was as fun as the festivals were.
We drank wine, stole chairs and threw confetti on everyone who smiled back, but now it's over.

It's official now. The festivalseason is over.

  was the most amazing as usual.

I was able to interview brilliant bands and take phantastic photographs, which is all to come as soon as I find some time and space between this busy hours.

There is a little game I like to play on festivals or everytime I feel a little down.
It's called:
Collecting Smiles.

You go aut and smile at human beings and everytime they smile back at you, you collected a smile and add it to a list in your mind.
At the haldern-pop I stopped counting when I was up to 364 smiles.

Try it. This game is pure hapiness.

photography uwe weber and me


  1. Like the game, but I think it's much more difficult in a crowded, tiring city...

    PS. Btw, do you know accidentally any good remedy for a painful, unhappy "I fell in love with man that only likes me?" Am trying everything and my mind is empty of ideas.

  2. Must be something in the air. My friend has the same problem, so i bought her a sunflower today to cheer her up a little.
    I'm really bad in giving advice, all i can say is listen to "miss li", turn your thoughts into literature and learn something new to distract yourself.

  3. ps. love is the weirdest thing in this universe.