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Dienstag, 2. März 2010

sweets and music

I was invited by one of my favourite friends. Isabelle formally known as Bohemian Musings. We went to that cool indie fashion party in hamburg by a label named Monki. I fell in love with their stuff immediately. All funky and coloured with sweet designs. Sweet is the keyword here. They had lolliepos and chewing gum and these great pink wine called "rosamunde".
The guests were almost this hip young indie fashioned people. All beautiful and stylish but to cool to dance. So Isabelle and me ended up dancing with ourselves and "rosamunde".
We stole five of these wonderful flying balloons with confetti afterwards.
Yeah it was pink. A little.


  1. I miss rosamunde. :(
    and you just remembered me of the balloons that I lost right after shamelessly stealing them.
    karma, baby.


  2. my word verification was zorati.